Terms & Conditions

The membership and/or membership card is not transferable to any other person/s under any circumstances.

Membership is charged monthly in advance and will be deducted using your chosen payment method on or about the last working day of each month.

Payment must be made via online payment gateway.

Please note that your statement reference for your debit order will reflect as Top Golf Performance Ltd.

I/We agree that although this Authority and Mandate may be cancelled by me/us, such cancellation will not cancel the Agreement. I/We shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts which you have withdrawn while this Authority https://sexpillenapotheke.com/ was in force, if such amounts were legally owing to you.

I/We acknowledge that this Authority may be ceded or assigned to a third party if the Agreement is also ceded or assigned to that third party, but in the absence of such assignment of the Agreement, this Authority and Mandate cannot be assigned to any third party.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time giving 30 days written notice.

Go Golf Kenya reserves the right to withdraw any product at any time giving 30 days written notice.

When the above upfront balance reaches zero, the membership will be cancelled, unless renewed explicitly by the member.

In the event that the monthly payment fails, the full outstanding balance will become due and payable. Should I fail to make the payment I will become liable to pay all costs in connection with the collection of any amounts that are owed by me. These costs may include, but are not limited to, any legal costs, collection commission, miscellaneous costs incurred in the collection process.

All notices and processes, may be validly served to the member’s residential address, which is hereby selected as the member’s domicillum citandi executandi. This address is as stated in the Membership Agreement.

In the event of one or more of these terms, conditions, rules and regulations being unenforceable they will be regarded as removed – the remaining clauses are still deemed valid.

Refunds of incorrect debit orders or related fees will only be processed for a maximum period of 3 months. Please contact the finance department of the related company should you have any queries about your payments.

Go Golf Kenya is authorised to store the member’s personal information.

Go Golf Kenya reserves the right to send the member operational messaging by whatever channel is deemed appropriate. Operational messaging relates specifically to feature/functionality of your membership.

Where the member has agreed, Go Golf Kenya reserves the right to contact the member with marketing related offers from time to time. The member may elect to unsubscribe from these communications at any point.

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All members with unpaid accounts will be suspended from all member privileges. These will be reinstated once all arrears have been settled.

I and/or my estate hereby indemnify The Company against any claim by myself or any person arising directly or indirectly from my death, injury, loss, or damage suffered by me or any person as a result of my use of the facilities or services, whether it be allegedly caused or contributed to by an act or omission by The Company, its directors, employees, contractors, consultants and agents.

I hereby consent that the Company may carry out a credit enquiry and may provide details to a Credit Bureau of how I have performed in meeting my obligations in terms of this agreement, and in the event that I fail to meet my obligations, may record my non-performance with the applicable Credit Bureau. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.


The Company does not want you to feel bound by a contract. Therefore, your membership may be suspended for a nominal monthly fee or cancelled, provided it is done in writing, giving 1 calendar months notice (i.e. from the 1st of the month). Notice of suspension or cancellation must be emailed to info@gogolf.co.ke . Please retain a copy of the sent email.

No re-activation fee is charged on suspended contracts.

A member will be subject to an annual increase in membership fees of the Membership Agreement, irrespective of any suspensions having taken place on the Membership Agreement. Go Golf Kenya reserves the right to implement discretionary fee changes at any time.

Different suspension fees apply to the different main products from which the member is being suspended.


A member may upgrade / downgrade their membership as often as they like. The change will only take effect from the next billing period provided it is received prior to the debit cut off date.

Membership is only available to people 18 years of age or older.

Booking closing times are indicated on the booking search results online and vary from course to course. Cancellations close 24 hours prior to the booking sheet closing time.

Event golf bookings close 56 hours prior to the day of play and are marked by a Star on the tee sheet. Cancellations close 48 hours earlier.

Once the booking is complete, an notification will be e-mailed to you. This must be shown to the golf course admin as confirmation of the booking.

Go Golf Kenya and / or its members cannot change or cancel any booking made and paid for within 48 hours prior to the Tee-Sheet being closed, unless the course is closed prior to tee off. (e.g. waterlogged)

Rounds are subject to availability. Go Golf Kenya can supply only a limited amount of Saturday (peak) times and as such cannot assure availability on this day. If playing on Saturdays and specifically Saturday mornings is your preference you are encouraged to look into a full golf club memberships at the specific clubs.

Courses and pricing are subject to change.

Members are required to conform to the rules and regulations of any golf course they visit. Breach of local course rules and etiquette may result in the cancellation of the membership. Where such as cancellation is enforced, no refunds will be paid to the member.

While every effort is made to fulfil golf rounds as booked, from time to time and for reasons beyond Go Golf Kenya’s control it may be necessary to cancel a booking and refund the payment made, Go Golf Kenya will endeavour to make an alternative arrangement but makes no guarantee and will not be held liable for any loss or inconvenience caused.

Any misuse of the booking / loyalty system including but not limited to: fraudulent bookings or retail transactions will result in membership termination. No refunds will be made to the member under these circumstances.

There is no fee for booking changes.

This membership is only available to East African citizens or those in possession of a permanent or temporary residents permit or a valid work or student visas.

Members may only play one round of golf per day through Go Golf Kenya.

At the end of each month any unused rounds, that are bundled as part of a monthly membership, will be expired.

Free rounds are not transferrable.

In the event a player cannot making a booking, that player must be cancelled and a new player booked, only the named player on the tee sheet shall be eligible to play.

In the event that a person(s) is found to misuse a membership(s) and / or free rounds that membership(s) will be terminated and criminal and / or civil charges will be brought against the offending person(s).

Where misuse of the membership has occurred Top Golf Performance Ltd. reserves the right to collect any outstanding fees owing for the booked and played rounds.

Should free rounds for a future month be utilised and the membership is then de-activated for whatever reason (cancellation, arrears etc) the member / customer will be liable for payment of those rounds played.

A member of Go Golf Kenya cannot use their membership to buy rounds and then ‘on-sell’ these rounds in order to make a profit. If you are found to be infringing this rule, your membership will immediately be cancelled.


Each player must produce either their ID at the golf course. Passports are also a valid form of identification.

The players who made the booking must produce a notification at the golf course

Failure to produce an notification or identification of all players will result in players being refused access to their tee time.

No-shows will be charged for the round.

Three (3) no-shows in any twelve (12) consecutive months will result in the membership being cancelled.

  1. I agree to abide by the individual Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations of the Golf Club to which I am affiliated (as specified above).
  2. These Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations are subject to change and are available from the Golf Club to which I am affiliated